Automatic Garage door PU sandwich panel machine

What is garage door C and Z purlin machine? The garage door PU sandwich panel machine is integrated with mechanical, chemical, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and temperature control technology and integrates multi-functional automatic production which composed by unwinding system, film cutting system, roll forming system, heating systems, foam systems, dual-track system, cutting system, cooling system, electric control system, hydraulic system and pneumatic system components.

The complex hosts a garage door on the lower-pressure cold-formed, high pressure polyurethane foam machines, and C purlin machine. The polyurethane raw material is injected into the lower color plates in the A & B liquid form transmitted by special material PVC foam rubber band, and finally be controlled by the board PLC microcomputer to off track. Uncoiling feed from coil, embossing, punching, roll forming machine, injection of polyurethane raw materials, foam molding, automatic tracking off are both PLC automatic control.

Current domestic production of garage door is at an early stage and the garage door industry history is only more than 10 years who's potential and the prospect is very considerable. Current purlin forming machine has become many villa users essential basic equipment. At same time peers are focus on improving technology, both in material, quality and technology will be a big improvement. This machine of JINGGONG is reliable, stable performance, simple in structure, easy operation, low consumption, high capacity, which is the preferred product of building materials industry. Despite there are many problems of different levels of the garage door industry and enterprises, the market development and improvement of related institutions has adopted more powerful policy and garage door industry market potential will be highlighted.

The garage door PU sandwich panel machine adopts PLC control, communication module and inverter with synchronous, so it is of high degree of automation. The surface wrinkles PU sandwich panel line shows irregular body powder coating texture, with a strong relief effect, not only increasing the strength, but also nice. Moreover, using double-sided high-dip galvanized steel high strength and longevity sided spray paint (pure polyester), strong corrosion resistance. In addition, the high-quality steel wrapped inside and outside of the outer ends attached together to make a better seal with the walls. Its clip solid polyurethane foam core height, increase the thermal insulation effect. If you are in need of sandwich machine and you are interested in our products, you can visit for more products information in detail.