Niger Adds Its Troops to the War on Boko Haram

Niger's Parliment decided to send in troops to fight across the border after they had been attacked 4 times in only one week. One of those four attacks was an explosion in the east at a market place, kiling many civilians. Benin, Chad, and Cameroon have also agreed to send troops in (8,700 people). These attacks were by the Boko Haram, an extreme terrorist group in Nigeria. They do very violent attacks against the UN, the governement, and civilians. They also thretten to destabilize Nigeria, Cameroon, and Niger. Nigeria's war has spread into Niger. The people of Niger are becoming worried because they are being bombed for no reason. Niger has also previously been attacked by Al Qaeda in the north and now they are being attacked again by different Islamic extremists. This conflict is happening because of terrorists in the area. Not many actions are being taken to solve the problem non violently because there is no way to rationalize with terrorists. The people are starting to fear for their lives because their home country is being attacked. Also Boko Haram is releasing propaga videos and need to be stopped. This is a just war because of legitimate authority, right intention, last resort, noncombatant immunity, and proportionately.

This war has legitimate authority because the National Assembly, in Niamey, the capital of Niger, followed the attacks. The politicians called the Boko Haram's bombs unprecedented  they also said the people are worried and need to be protected.

Niger has the right intention because they are not looking for any sort of reward in return. They simply want their country to have peace and their people feel protected.  Violence is needed to get rid of these terrorists to aerve the concerns or justice and life  

Fighting this war with Boko Haram is the last resort. No other means can be taken to get rid of these terrorists because they want to feel powerful over innocent people and they will not stop unless they are forced to stop  

The terrorists are directly attacking civilians. This makes the war directly violates the rule that states "the key requirement is to discriminate between those who are engaged in harm (soldiers) and those who are not (civilians). Niger is following this rule because they just want to stop the terrorists and protect themselves without harming any civilians.

The proportianility of the war is good, because the positives that will come out of the war out weighs the negatives.