Arsenic & Technetium

What Is Arsenic (As)?

Arsenic is a powerful poison that is usually found in groundwater. It has been used as a poison in peoples water to kill someone on purpose. But as a result of its toxicity it is used for wood preservation, insecticides, and also batteries. Arsenic is also used in LED (Gallium Arsende Compound). It is also used for Voltage "Modificatio

What Would Happen If Arsenic Was Gone?

If Arsenic was gone many people would still be alive instead of being poisoned by Arsenic. Because of so many people that wouldn't of died we would have a bit more of an over-population problem and famous people who died may change lots of history!

Batteries, LED and wood preservation would be harder to do.

Gallium Arsenide would no longer be a compound.

What is Technetium(Tc)?

Technetium is the lightest radioactive element on the Periodic Table. It is quite similar to Manganese or Rhenium. Also a very common isotope (two or more forms of the same element). Silver gray color and discovered in 1925.


They inject people using Technetium to produce images of body tissues.

Large quantities used for Atomic Fission (the splitting of atoms to produce energy).

Transfers seawater to animals.

What would happen without it?

People would not be able to evaluate the medical condition of the heart, kidneys, lungs, liver, spleen, and bone, and also for blood flow studies.

Would not be able to produce energy using this element.


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