Atmosphere - By: Natalia Ortega

(Below is a picture of the Earth and you can sort of see the thin layer of atmosphere)

1st facts: Layers

1. The atmosphere consists of 4 different layers.

2. The layers of the atmosphere are divided according to their temperature.

3. The 4 different layers of our atmosphere are...the Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, the Thermosphere.

Here is a picture that shows the four different layers.

2nd facts: Troposphere

4. The Troposphere is one layer of the atmosphere that gets colder as you go higher .

5. This is the layer of the atmosphere that we live in/ and are closest to.

6.  The Troposphere is also the layer of the atmosphere that creates our weather.

(I chose this picture as an example of the Troposphere because we fly planes in it and it shows clouds and the sun which sort of represent weather)

3rd facts: Stratosphere

7. This layer is above the Troposphere and it gets warmer as you go higher.

8. The ozone layer of the Stratosphere takes in the heat from the sun.

4th facts: Mesosphere

9. This layer of the atmosphere protects us from meteors and burns them up so they don't actually hit or damage the Earth.

10. This is the middle layer of the atmosphere and in this layer it gets colder as you go higher.

( This picture shows a meteor going towards Earth where the Mesosphere will probably burn it out.)

4th facts: Thermosphere

11. The Thermosphere is divided into 2 layers.

12. This is the layer with the lowest amount of pressure because it is the highest.

13. The Thermosphere is the layer in which the Northern lights (Auroras) happen.

14. It is the hottest layer in our atmosphere.

I chose the first picture because it shows the Northern lights. I chose the second one because the sun represents heat and the Thermosphere is the hottest.

Final facts: Atmosphere

1. The atmosphere uses the greenhouse effect to make sure we don't freeze.

2. The atmosphere consists of many types of gases like Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon Dioxide.

(I chose the picture below because it shows how the greenhouse effect works.)

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