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Apps for Special Education


This app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It teachers children how to write words and numbers. This app would be perfect for young learners, as well as special educations students that have a hard time with motor skills. This app would help learners with the alphabet while creating a fun and entertaining task.Teachers could use this app as a reward for finishing work or good behaviour for special needs students who are on self-regulating behaviour systems.  Click the button to view the app!

DragonBox Algebra 5

DragonBox Algebra +5 is an app for students that allows the teaching of algebra and arithmetic. It would be perfect for students that struggle with understanding math concepts, or for younger students who may be ahead of their class. The app also helps students to develop critical thinking skills. Click the picture to learn more!

Articulation Station

This is an app for students who may have a hard time with speaking. It is made up of games that help children improve their pronunciation, articulation, as well as building the student's working vocabulary. It has a function that allows teachers, speech therapists or parents to track the student's improvement. The app was created by a professional speech pathologist! This app would be used well in a classroom for a special ed student or even a student who is simply behind his or her classmates. It is easy and fun for students to use. Click the image to find the game at the app store.

Speak it! Text to Speech

This app enables students to translate any typed words such as emails, handouts, iBooks, etc. from text to speech. This app would be great for students who have a hard time reading. Students can even type the word directly into the app and the program will read it for them. This would be great for students who are learning to read but are unsure of how to pronounce a word. Teachers could use this app as an individual learning exercise. It would also be very useful for special education students. Click the image to find the app at the app store.


BeSeen is an app that helps students that may be socially delayed or have a hard time making friends. It can also be used to teach students how to use safety while online. The app simulates a high school where the student has to make choices that revolve around social media challenges. The player is given rewards or consequences based on their action. The student's teacher or parents can be involved and will receive information about what choices their student has made. The app deals with mature matter such as bullying and online predators but it does not include anything explicit. This app would be perfect for teaching online safety to our students. Click the image to see the app in app store.

My Video Schedule

This app was created for people with special needs, especially those with Autism. It helps students to get into a routine. The app includes libraries of videos and images that can be set to a time. For example, if it is time for recess, the app will show a video about recess to remind the child that it is time to go out and play. Other tasks can be added such as brushing teeth, doing homework, or sensory time. If the app does not include an image for a needed activity you can simply add your own. This app is valuable in reinforcing the importance of a schedule and routine. Click the image to view the app in the app store.

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