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First Camera

The first camera was invented in 1840 by Alexander Wolcott. This camera was the only camera that took pictures that wouldn't fade away, otherwise the very first camera was invented in 1816 by Nicéphore Niépce by using a very small camera of his own and a piece of paper covered with silver chloride, which darked when it was exposed to light.

What is the Camera? How did it work?

The camera is a special object that can capture moments in a photograph. Now a days since technology is growing you can take videos on a camera to capture moments in motion. The camera worked by the light from the image enters through a pinhole in the camera and flips the image that the camera has captured on to the film in side the camera.

Positive/Negative Effects on the Camera.

The camera is a good way to show family the exciting moments in life. Most people took advantage of the amount of film they had and took pictures of unneeded things. Most people would take pictures of there family or there new house or even there prize winning horse.

What impact in the advance in technology on the Camera have on the conflict of the Northern and southern states?

The Civil war was the first war to be documented through a Camera lens. The 20th centry was the first time you could take pictures with a camera with out posing. The camera was used in the northern and southern states and was made nation wide.

Todays version of the camera.

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