Session 1

In session 1 we learned about all the types of cells and we learned how cells killed off the diseases and what things, such as antibodies, help get created. 

Session 2

In session 2 we learned how the immune system responds to infections. We explored the concept of community immunity.

Session 3

In session 3 learned about the different types of microscopes and learned how to car for one.

Session 4

In session 4 we learned about the different types of bacteria based on there shapes and sizes. We also took micrographs of different types of bacteria.

Session 5

in session 5 i researched the treatmeant and prevention of viral diseases and labeled the different structures of an influenza virus.

Session 6

In session 6 we learned how fungi and protists can be pathogenic and we learned about the treatment for it.

Session 7

In session 7 we learned how the expose to sunlight can be harmful to your skin.

Career in field!

The career in field would be a doctor because they know about all of these viruses and antibodies that are in your body just like what we learned about in all these session.

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