Feudal Japan

By: Adalynn Holmes
Red Block 4

    A political system resembling the one in the middle ages. A group that controls part of kingdoms. Also power over few or many workers. One of the reason why the Feudal Japan was lead to rise, Japan was a very dangerous place at that time because the kingdom had no roller.  There are several martial arts native to Japan. They include the following: Sumo, Jujitsu, Kenjutsu, extra. interaction during feudal times until the 1850s, exception, which was the small Dutch trading zone. Japan had no foreign embassies or missions during this time.  At the top of the social of the social pyramid was the Emperor. The Emperor had little power but he was above the Shoguns. The Shoguns were powerful military leaders. The samurai had sworn to serve and protect. Under the Daimyo were the Samurai. The samurai were soldiers. They were like knights because of their views on honor and their codes of chivalry. The peasants were the people who farmed and tended the land and they were the majority of the Japanese people. Underneath the Peasants were the Artisans. These were the people who could take materials and craft them into different objects for example armor smiths and sword smiths could turn steel into fine weapons and armor. At the bottom of the social class pyramid were the Merchants. These were the people who sold objects made by Artisans and Peasants to make a living, They are at the bottom because they sell objects that other people had to make.

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