Come To Mesopotamia !!

You should move here to Mesopotamia! It's located between the Tigris & Euphrates rivers.If you move here you won't get hungry because we have irrigation systems that provide water and stable food supply.Also if you move here you are protected in law by Hammurabi's code written on stone pillars for all of us to see.An example of one of the laws is: "if anyone owe debt for a loan and a storm prostrates grain or harvest fail or the grain does not grow for lack of water; in that year he need not give his creditor any grain,he washes his debt tablet in water and pays no rent for this year".


Move to Mesopotamia! you should move here because we can make your life easy. At your home you have to carry things, and plant seeds with your hands, but if you move to Mesopotamia then you can use less energy doing those things and use the inventions such as the :  wheel,irrigation,levee's,and the plow.  These help by 1. leaving some of the work to livestock which we domesticate to use them for our needs.2. by pulling weight on sleds and wheel & axle we lighten the weight. The wheel can also be used to pull you along by livestock instead of walking everywhere. We have also made walls and moats to protect our city-states from people who live in the mountains and want to take our land.  

Social Structure

If you come to Mesopotamia then you will find Hammurabi's laws and many jobs including the scribe,builder and potter.there are many people who come here from different places just to sell things so there are many chances to trade money for items.we also have a form of writing called cuneiform. So that is why you should move to Mesopotamia and this camel should convince you more.

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