An Earth Retention Technique – Soil Nailing

Preparing the earth for future construction calls for a toolbox of techniques that can ensure a proper foundation is laid. When soil instability is a concern, it doesn’t necessarily mean placement of the desired construction will prove impossible. There are a number of techniques construction crews have access to that can help ensure safety down the road. When instability in sloping areas is the problem that needs to be addressed, there are many techniques drilling companiescan use to remedy the situation one of them involves the use of soil nails.

How Soil Nailing Works

Drilling companies have a number of techniques at their disposal that can assist when soil erosion or instability are concerns. One of those techniques involves the use of soil nails to treat natural conditions that are considered unstable for construction.

Soil nailing involves the use of soil nailsto reinforce slopes and other formations to ensure that construction performed is safe. The technique calls for the use of reinforcing bars that are placed into pre-drilled holes. Once the bars are placed, they are grouted for stability. Depending on the situation at hand, shot Crete or head plates may also be used on the surface. Mesh fabrics or wire are sometimes also placed to help control erosion down the road.

The Process

When reputable drilling companies are hired to assist with unstable land, the process involved in shoring up the earth will begin with a full analysis. Experts will need to examine the property, study its characteristics and then make the best determination on how to handle correcting instability. Soilnailing is only one of the options available. This technique can also be used to add stability when existing construction begins to suffer from soil erosion or other stability concerns.

Selecting a Company

Choosing among drilling companiesto handle erosion or stability issues is a serious task. This type of work is highly specialized and calls for professionals who deliver expertise throughout the process. To find the very best, insist on working with companies with a long track record in the industry. Those that come highly recommended are usually a good choice, but take the time to vet references. Work closely with the contractor to determine qualifications while also getting recommendations and quotes.

Unstable land doesn’t mean construction aspirations have to end. Work with a reputable drilling company to find out if remediation is possible.

About the Company

DMI Drilling Construction has been delivering expertise to jobs throughout Washington State since October 1991. Like the best drilling companies in the country, the firm specializes in a variety of techniques that lend stability to construction sites, including the use of soil nails.