Cool Socks – The Many Varieties Available In The Market

Buying socks can be one of the simplest tasks in our shopping list. Most of us don’t even look twice at what we are buying and how it will add to our comfort levels. In fact, socks happen to be one of the most de-glamorised aspects of our entire wardrobe. No matter how stunning an outfit you are planning to wear – the socks you will throw on will be the most basic black or brown colour that will promise to merge with the rest of your shoes and stay hidden. This is why the idea of looking for cool socks in the market might even seem as absurd to many people.

Now, if the concept of cool cocks can seem to be so outlandish in your mind, how would you react when i tell you that there are actually many different types and varieties available in the market. That’s right – socks are much more than the ankle length and knee length foot covering accessories that we are used to seeing. There are all kinds of types available and each has been designed to cater to a specific requirement. In case you are interested in knowing more, here is a basic round up of most of the different types of socks you can expect to find out there in the market.

Walking socks

These cool socks are meant to be used in a rough format. They are meant to be used for walking purposes and are therefore manufactured from tougher material that can provide adequate protection and cushion to feet. They also have very superior moisture- wicking qualities that reduce the moisture in the shoes thus preventing blisters from forming from the extended wear.

Running Socks

These are basically ankle length cool socks that are designed with the comforts and requirements of runners and sprinters in mind. The material is selected for its breathable qualities and hard wearing nature. They are also manufactured with softer fabrics that will not harm the feet of the runner and prevent chaffing injuries that might arise from prolonged use.

Hiking socks

These cool socks are geared more towards providing comfort and protection against skin issues that might arise due to wearing the socks for longer intervals of time. They usually have an extra padding on the heels and ball of the foot. The thickness of the socks varies depending on the feet volume of the person.

Mountaineering socks

These socks are manufactured from the highest quality materials that are meant to provide protection as well as comfort. The user will be completely dependent on them for survival in the cold when hiking up mountains and should therefore have reliable pairs of socks that can cater to his/her requirements. Plus they are designed to fit snugly within mountaineering boots for added comfort and support.

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