Trauma Surgeon

I finally found out how to spell surgeon!


Trauma surgeons work in the emergency ward in hospitals and the deal with horrific situations. Special training is required to be able to handle them. They help people with life threatening injuries and trauma.

Required Skills

-Judgment and decision making-Considering the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one

-Complex problem solving-so you can develop and implement solutions

-Critical thinking- to identify the strengths and weaknesses of solutions

-Active listening- give people your full attention and do not interrupt at inappropriate times.

Education Requirements

First, you have to get a bachelors degree in pre-medicine from a four year college. Then you go to a medical school for four more year. Next, to obtain experience they go and have a residency. That usually lasts three to five years. The last step is to go to a fellowship program that focuses on trauma to learn to help patients in emergency situations. One school you could go to is the UAG school of medicine.

Future Outlook

It is pretty hard to become a trauma surgeon because there are many years of training before you can be one. I don't think this career could go away because people are always getting hurt and the need immediate care so they won't die. I don't know how many there are, but every hospital has one.


The salary is pretty good and it is better than sitting at a desk all day doing paper work or something boring.

Similar career

A career that is very similar to a trauma surgeon is a ER doctor. They do most of the same things except surgery.


The United States BLS says the wage per year is about $349,055.

But for surgeons who are just starting it could be around $268,650.

Trauma surgeons earn about 400,000 dollars per year.

I chose this career because it looks fun and every day would be something new and exciting.

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