Water Rocket
                         By: Ethan Chipman

Step 1: Defining the Problem

The problem was that we needed to build a rocket from a two liter bottle using water and air pressure to propel it.

Step 2: Brainstorming

I initially  made three designs for my rocket that I thought would be a good design for my actual rocket.

Step 3: Research

I read articals on whiteboxlearning.com to get my research on what i needed to build my rocket and have it fly.

Step 4: Identifying criteria and constraints

Criteria: The criteria was to build a rocket.

Constrains: It has to have been with a two liter bottle, and it had to fit on the launching mechanism.

Step 5: Exploring Possibilities

Step 6: Selecting an Approach

I entered in constraints and decided which of my rockets would be the best to build.

Step 7: Developing a Design Proposal

I had a sketch with my best drawing, with dimensions.

Step 8: Make a Model or a Prototype

Step 9: Testing and Evaluating the design

We shot the rocket, and it got good height. The stability was good. The only problem was that the para-shoot got caught up inside the tube.

Step 10: Refining the design

If I was to refine my design I would redo how I had my para-shoot held together so that it would deploy.

Step 11: Creating or Making it

I would make it the same way I made my prototype, just with a differently packed para-shoot.

Step 12: Communication the Results

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