Protect your hearing, before its to late

So what exactly is hearing loss?

Hearing loss (or hearing impairment) is/ occurs when one or more parts of the ear are damaged or not working correctly. Signs that you may have hearing loss or impairment are:

1) Muffled hearing

2) Difficulty understanding what people are saying (you may be able to hear the person speaking but not be able to distinguish the specific words)

3) Having the volume on TV's or radios louder than usual

4) Avoiding conversation and social interaction

5) Depression (usually found in adults from loss of social interaction because of hearing loss)

6) Ringing, roaring, hissing or buzzing in the ear (also known as Tinnitus)

7) Ear pain, itching or irritation


8) Fluids such as puss leaking from the ear from a possible infection.

                            *Family members or friends are often the first to notice hearing loss*

Hearing loss is not a joke

You might be thinking 'I'm young, it won't affect me, I'm indestructible!'. Well guess what. You're not. Hearing loss can happen to anyone. Not just concert goers have the likelihood of inheriting hearing loss. Everyone does. One in every 6 Australians have a form of hearing loss, and its projected to be 1 in every 4 by 2050.
The effects of hearing loss are serious. It can result in having to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on hearing aids, cochlear implants or other hearing 'aiders'. Now you might be thinking "we'll at least I will still be able to hear", but in actual fact, what you would be hearing would still be barely audible. Hearing aids can worsen your hearing problems, and cochlear implants make everything sound robot-like, but they do help a lot.

Hearing troubles now with nothing done to help it can lead you to be profoundly deaf (meaning you can't hear at all and virtually nothing can be done to help). But some hearing loss related causes can be infections. take Meningitis for example. If left untreated (it can go by unknown even with tests done) it can result in permanent hearing loss. Try and imagine, going to bed one night being able to hear, and then the next morning not being able to hear at all. Pretty much impossible I know. But some people have literally gone through this.


  Don't take your hearing for granted. You don't know what you had until you lose it.

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