Windows tricks

by Mike Jericho Ntamoulakis


They have their flaws, but truth to be told you love it and if you knew that there are things about them you didn't know and you can do, you will love it even more :)


How many times complain about your laptop energy consumption or a hibernation/power saving incompatible device?

But what if you knew that windows have a command to configure the power settings of your system?

Power config is a elevated diagnose command to control all configurable power system settings and it can create a detailed report of "rights" and "wrongs" in your system very easily.

At Start/Run type cmd (the command will show at the top of your window), right click it and select run as administrator (cause it needs elevated privilleges)

At the command prompt type powercfg -energy -output c:\power.html

It will take about a minute for windows to calculate the power options of your system and at the end it will create a html file at your c: hard drive wih the name power.html

Afterwards you can run the report by double clicking it and see the result you can temper with.

Reseting printer queue

Say that you are at work and time is at the essence, you need to print a file quickly and the printer queue is stuck!

Best case scenarion reset your printer, deleting the file from the windows printer queue.

Worst case scenario you do all the above and still you cant print a thing so a restart is required!

In cases like these just close your printer, go to Start / search programs and files, type service and execute it.

Search for the Print Spooler service double click it and stop it (dont close the window yet)

Now go to windows explorer (right click on start and open windows explorer) and navigate to c:\windows\system32\spool\printers and delete everything in in.

Now double click on Print Spooler service once more and start it again

Open the printer, you 're queue.