Vocabulary Set 1

By Bryson Getz

Credulous (adj.)
-Comes from the roots "credo," "credere," "credidi," "creditum" which means "to believe"
-Credulous means to have the attribute of believing too easily or to be gullible.
-The con artist had a keen eye for picking the most credulous passersby to trick into buying fake concert tickets.

The credulous boy traded his cow for "magic" beans

Deity (noun)
-Comes from the root "deus" which mans "god"
-Deity means a god or goddess.
-Poseidon is a Greek deity of the sea with complete dominion over the seas who is worshiped by many sailors.

Zeus is a well-known Greek deity.

Divine (verb)
-Comes from the roots "divino," "divinare," "divinavi," and "divinatum" which mean "to fortell" as well from the root  "divinus" which means "divine"
-To divine means either to foretell by supernatural means or to know by intuition or insight.
-The lead priests went to the temple and performed a series of rituals such as the casting of lots to divine the cause of the town's misfortune.

A crystal ball is a well-known form of divination performed by fortune tellers.

Theocracy (noun)
-Comes from the root "theos" which means "god"
-Theocracy means a government by divine power or priests.
-When the Islamic religious leaders led the coup d'etat against the Iranian government, the religious leaders gained great power and political positions and thus established a theocracy.

Vatican City, a true modern theocracy, is ruled by the Catholic papacy.

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