6th period

September 9th, 2014

My Rockin Summer!!!

The most exciting part of my summer was my trip to Corpus Christi. This is basically what the city loked like at night.

Corpus Christi at night.

This is a map of Corpus Christi, the place of my vacation. I spent about a week there.

This is a map of Corpus Christi.

I had to have 3 pictures so I thought why not put in my favorite band, GREENDAY!!!!!

My favorite band Greenday.

And finally, over the coarse of the summer I played the game World of Warcraft, and if you ever played it you know it is OBSESSIVE.  :)

Finally, over the coarse of summer i played this game obsessively.

My summer was based on playing WoW ,(World of Warcraft) watching TV, and going on vacations. My favorite daily activity was playing WoW, my favorite place to be was Corpus Christi, where I got to see my favorite person, my uncle Mikey. My favorite movie was DieHard. My favorite moment was getting my WoW shaman to level 90. And my favorite song was Moar Ghosts and Stuff, by Deadmau5. This pretty much concludes my summer so goodbye.:)

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