Greed, Envy, At Risk

All I wanted was...

to be wanted

a best friend

to help

to have land

to be important

But I didn't want...

to be handles

to feel alone

to be "extra weight"

to have nothing to my name

to be unknown

In the beginning Candy had a shepherd dog but Carlson kills it and then candy gets depressed because his dog has been shot but after spending time with George and Lennie he is happy once more for a little while.

Candy does not interact very well with Curley's wife. He is afraid that he will be kicked off the ranch just by talking to her. Candy acts well with Lennie and treats him with respect. Candy treats George as if he was a boss and him candy was a employ.

Candy helps develop the theme by being one of the nice guys and he also creates a early sadness in the beginning of the book by allowing his dogs death.

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