The Tale Behind President Madison's War

Our second push to secure our independence

The Valley of Unrest addresses the dead that are the result of war, how it left many in despair. However, revisiting the graveyard allows the morning people to reminisce about those that were lost and still feel their presence. The correlation between this and the War of 1812 is that all the deceased men in the war represent Britain's final attempt to control America- their child, who they have lost. Britain revisits the memory as a way of staying connected to the time when Great Britain controlled America. Recalling that memory is similar to those who lost who they loved in the war came to visit graveyard.

Coldplay expresses their memory of when they ruled all, flash backing back on everything they accomplished but realizing that won't ever happen again. The singer would represent Britain because of how they were once on top but are well aware it won't be like that again.

Major Reason for the War of 1812

American trade was interfered by Britain and France. During these confrontations, American ships were being hijacked. Britain was not treating the Americans as an independent country. Britain was giving weapons to the Indians, who were provoked to attack the settlers who took their land. Lastly, Americans wanted to take Canada from Britain, and Florida from Spain.

Also, Britain violated the American flag on the great highway of nations, also, they seized and carried off people on board. Britain was blatantly disrespectful to anything regarding to America by violating US territorial sovereignty.They hovered and harassed by entering and departing commerce. Madison eventually was surfeited by the mayhem caused by Britain and declared war.


America attacked the city of York in Ontario, Canada in 1812. . Upon arrival, the British devoured the state dinner that was present in the White House. Finally, the vengeful British then incinerated the White House as revenge.

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