Archduke Franz Ferdinand's Assassination

Archduke Franz Ferdinand


Background On Ferdinand:

  • From Graz, Austria
  • Duke of Austria-Hungary
  • Began his military at age 12
  • Became major general at age 31
  • Took throne in 1896
  • Married Sophia Chotek
Archdukes Assassination

Ferdinands Assassination:

  • Assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • June 28, 1914
  • Shot to death
  • Killer was Gavrilo Princip
  • Marked the main event that caused WW1
  • Killer was a part of Black Hand, a secret military society within Serbia
  • After the killing, Princip went to turn the gun on himself, but was arrested and was taken in to captivity
Gavrilo Princip

Background on Gavrilo Princip:

  • Born July 25, 1894
  • From Obljaj, Bosnia
  • Died April 28, 1918 of tuberculosis
  • Serbian activist, apart of the Black Hand Society
  • Assassinated Archduke Ferdinand at age 19

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