1984: Part 1 and 2

Summary: In the nation of Oceania, citizens live under the harsh rule of the government. Their thoughts and feelings are monitored, and they are forced into a meager lifestyle by the government. Our main character, Winston Smith, is a thirty-nine year old man from London who works in the Ministry of Truth. During Hate (a time in which the telescreen broadcasts Oceania's main enemy, Goldstein, for the citizens to yell at), Winston makes brief eye contact with his coworker, O'Brien. Winston realizes that O'Brien is thinking that he, too, thinks the chanting they do is uncomfortable and inhuman. Winston slowly begins to grow rebellious.
"Thoughtcrime doesn't entail death; thoughtcrime is death" (Orwell 28)

Is it better for Winston continue his rebellious thoughts?Does O'Brien feel the same way after the event?

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