Aerospace Engineer
Job Description

What is the purpose ?

They have aerospace engineers is they need was to make flying easier, cheaper and faster. Also they help make air crafts more Eco-friendly and comfortably.Lastly the help find ways for spaceship to travel to other.


  • Directing designs,manufacturing and testing aircrafts.
  • Seeing if design and costs are possible.
  • Telling if designs and planes are safe.
  • Evaluating if plane is safe, meets customer requirements.
  • Developing views of design method,and quality standards.
  • Looking at damaged product and seeing was is the problem and solving it.


  • Have to be able to use CAD.
  • Use Microsoft and Google docs.
  • Lowest entry job need bachelor
  • Work with the federal standers.
  • Good mathematics skills.
  • Be able to use calculus and trigonometry.
  • Write papers describing designs and future reference.
  • A strong interest in aviation.
  • Have in HND.     

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2 years ago

That is a very interesting job description.