Solution: Mystery of the Missing Volleyball Jersey

The suspect that committed the crime was Coach Amy, the old Alabama volleyball coach. Since her old I.D. was still active, she could have easily snuck into the into the locker room and taken the jersey before her game at 7. She also had a big motive, and very much disliked the new server. Sydney discovered that Amy's alibi was a lie, and Amy was capable of getting into the girls locker room. Amy has had experience at the auditorium from when she was a coach, and could find her way through easily and quickly. She later admitted to the crime after we pestered her about our creative and genius evidence. All of our other suspects had an honest alibi, or no way into the locker room, so it obviously left us with Coach Amy. In the end, Marie was able to find her jersey, participate in the game, and help her team win the game.

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