Granted this all Buy FIFA 15 Coins sounds

Granted this all Buy FIFA 15 Coins sounds very annoying and superfluous and distracting, but it's not. Football is more than a game about kicking a ball around, despite what your mum says. It's about the passion and pageantry. FIFA didn't appreciate this before, but it does now. And besides, you can skip everything if you must.

Though yes, you can argue FIFA's improvements are lopsided. Besides a sprinkling of new animations giving extra nuance to shooting and dribbling, matches themselves don't play hugely differently to before. At least FIFA 14's over-pronounced momentum has reduced, meaning players are quicker to start and stop, and physical confrontations feel weightier and dynamic. Even the most fearsome rat king-style tangles of limbs don't show clipping.
There's greater tactical variety, too. You can push men up the field during goal kicks, crowd the keeper during corners, and even 'park the bus' during open play, options all accessible from the D-pad. The result is a pacier game than 14, if not quite as arcade-quick as 13.

The players themselves bring a fair bit of vitality, too, being more lifelike, with over 200 Premier League faces re-scanned. They’re still strangely stylised and not a patch on the pockmarked imperfection of PES' mugs, but at least lesser players now have proper faces. Advancements continue below the neck, giving players better muscle definition--they actually look like athletes. With the Emotion Engine, they act like athletes too. Strikers pout petulantly when they miss shots, and all players point fingers after reckless challenges. But it’s not perfect. During one fumbled chance, my teammate flung his hands to his head and forgot to put them down, even after collecting the ball and dribbling with it.