Apply for ib program in Singapore should pay attention to

  • More and more parents are willing to send their child to ib program in Singapore, let them accept the ib courses in education. Despite its high cost, also has a lot of additional money. Still cannot stop the love of parents to the IB school.

1. Clear purpose

A lot of parents just because the people around you choose ib program in Singapore, they just seem to sign up. It is very unwise, different schools have different classes, even if the same courses will be different because the teachers with different teaching effect. Before getting into IB school, you need to understand it provides courses and mentors, to ensure that they are all you want.

2. Clear organization

If you apply for in the ib program in Singapore is more of course, you need to keep their balance. Make full use of class time, if you have any questions, to communicate with supervisor in time. Good and orderly notes can help you review and follow up the course, to prepare for the exam.

3. Keep learning

Choose the appropriate IB courses are very important, if you are interested in the courses you will spend less time to learn more knowledge. Learning is the knowledge of many sided, ib program in Singapore will not give up, because of my poor a student a subject test is formulated according to the students' comprehensive situation in their scope. For example, the school evaluation requires you to write the names of all the amino acids, and you only know their general structure. If you don't diligence, you may fail in the final exam, the IB school curriculum and course than traditional schools, you need to pay more time and energy to complete them. This means that you play time will be reduced.

4. Autonomous learning

Many, class's and grade's study might not notice that every student, you need to learn to autonomous learning. According to the ib program in Singapore to provide materials for preview, make a list of questions need to be solved, asking in class, so I can help you quickly master textbook knowledge. At the same time, you can learn some other useful knowledge with a mentor, enrich your knowledge. School extracurricular activities also should be as far as possible to participate in, because you can in a test run into some schools and teacher did not teach.

5. Survival skills

Because of a lack of contact with other people, the ib program in Singapore can lead to social isolation and depression, so learn to relax in the study, learning how to communicate with other students, as far as possible without falling behind at the same time do a good job in interpersonal relationships. IB school course is very difficult, so you can't slack off, avoid delay. Make friends at school, they can help you learn the IB courses, your friend is in the IB school your spiritual motivation.

6. The test

Examination is not a course, may not allow you to communicate with friends. In the ib program in Singapore, although you are known as a genius, if you are not prepared for the exam, you will also feel sad. Practice is the best preparation to pass the exam, part of the exam content displayed on the textbook, you need to get through a variety of activities. Be ib program in Singapore, knowing what your child would learn, whether their campus life makes them feel happy.

Don't blindly send children to the IB school, must first understand whether it is appropriate before application.