Axel Kaupp S&E Marketing Final

Movie Poster

This movie Poster has large and shocking images with large text. The poster kind of gives you an idea that it is about a guy that is a sniper for something. This poster would intrigue me to go see this movie because he is standing in the middle of a field with a sniper. That seems weird and I like action/shooters so i would definitely see this movie from this poster.

Movie Trailer

This is a very action packed movie trailer that appeals to car guys. If you have seen the other five movies before this you know that it teases the plot line very well but it does it perfectly and any fan will go see this movie. I believe that this movie shows part of the climax. It gives this movie a serious and thrilling feel which is what it should have. This is a great trailer.

Top 3 Movie Marketing Strategies

1. Trailers and T.V. commercials are very good because it actually shows parts of the movie and gets you interested in it. It makes you feel like you have to see more of the movie

2. A twitter page would be another good strategy to market your movie because so many people use it and it can spread very fast in a short period of time. It will allow the movie to be promoted by people using certain hash tags and following the movies page.

3. A movie website would be a good strategy to market a movie because any information you wanted to know about the movie or any of the actors would be right at their fingertips. It can really expose someone to the movie and make them want to see it.

Top 3 T.V. Marketing Strategies

1. You have to make a T.V. show that will appeal to a wide variety of people without it offending some of them. You can't try and make it for everyone because that is impossible and if you try to make it for a small group of people not enough people are going to watch the show.

2. Promote the original airing of each show by putting codes for prizes or trailers to a new movie or show in the commercials. This will show that a lot of people watch your show causing even more people to watch it. That will show success and help to keep your show going.

3. Get your T.V. show on a popular network. This will make people think that it is a good show because it is on a popular network that only the best shows get on.

Most Important Factors That Contribute To An Amusement Park Having Success

1. You have to have an exclusive partnership with one major entertainment property. This will familiarize people with your park even if they have never been there before.

2. Have different areas of the park for different groups of people. (ex. Guys/Girls, Children/Adults etc.) This will allow people to go to the park with whoever they want and still know that there will be something for them to do and have fun.

3. Have an attraction that is special to your park. Have the fastest or the tallest roller coaster, have the most food vending stations, have the longest roller coaster, have the most non-thrill ride attractions, have a very popular eatery in the park, etc. If you have something like this people will say I want to go to that park because they are the only one with the fastest roller coaster for example. It draws people in to your park so they can experience something they couldn't get anywhere else.

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