The Vietnam war


Who:communist, north Vietnam and the government of southernVietnam. On the north side were the people of the republic of China and the Soviet Union. On the south side was the anti communist and primarily the United States.

What: The United States got involved because they didn't want the commonest to take over south Vietnam. Vietnam was a colony of France, when they were fighting they were not a colony of France.

When: November 1, 1955- April 30, 1975 lasted 20 years.

Where: Vietnam, in in the jungle it was a difficult place to fight they were constantly getting ambushed and had to deal with booby traps.

Why: north Vietnam wanted communist.

Summary: the Vietnam war lasted 20 years which sadly the United States lost so north Vietnam took over south Vietnam. The United States and north Vietnam fought in the jungle the United States were constantly being ambushed and had to deal with booby traps.          Picture problem

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