Carolyn Mason

The New Democracy of Senatus      Populusque Imperium

Inde in cinerem transit gloria


The baby blue represents softness and the black represents the toughness that our country can have when messed with. The red of the laurels represents our wish for victory over the tyrant Athena and Imperium, combined with laurels always having been a symbol of winning. The crossing of the colors represents the differences of the people, and the easiness of the flag on the eyes represents how those differences are over come.

Constitution of the New Democracy of the Senatus Populusque


The name of this country will be The New Democracy of  Senatus Populusque Imperium.


In destroying the tyranny of the Imperminian government, their country, and bring balance to our citizens living or not living under tyranny. We will also give our citizens a purpose to be happy and do whatever they wish to do with their lives.


The new country will have open borders, but its citizens will be the ones who are born in this country with parents who also have citizenship. Members can and will be added once a process of learning about the country and how to be a productive citizen has occured. Each citizen will be expected to live their own life however they wish to, as long as it follows our laws. The government wishes for all of its citizens to be able to sustain themselves and a family if they wish too. It also requests that citizens vote and participate in federal issues and the economy. The goal of the country is to work together and be a productive and self sustaining nation of people.


The country would be led by its people, and their ideas, morals and thoughts in a democratic republic. Our country would elect officials who would take what their people have voted for in local elections to the higher levels of government and make decisions for the people. No kind of outside forces will be allowed to interfere with how our country runs as a whole, and will be prevented at any measure. All forms of bribery are illegal and punishable by the same punishments that treason warrants. During the time of decision making, the senators, and others in power will be secluded from outside world and brought information by trusted sources who have been screened thoroughly. Three bodies of government will check one another in the decisions made, in the form of the justice branch, which handles legal disputes, the international branch which handles international affairs and how they affect our country, and the internal branch which forms our laws and sees to internal issues and affairs. No real leader is elected because having one person in charge leads to corruption and unbalance. The military system is for the most part of time on standby and lead and directed by all the branches input together.


The responsibilities for the government is to treat everyone equally, no matter where you came from, your education, and your ethnic race. We will provide supplies/goods whenever needed. As long as the people honor their responsibilities to be honest and hardworking to try and keep tyranny out. The people must also not be violent to the government or anyone else.


  1. Every person has a right to be relaxed
  2. All schooling is free and is provided by the government.
  3. Everyone has the right to be judged equally.
  4. Your working status does not matter to the government.
  5. Everyone has the right to speak their mind without fear of being arrested.
  6. Citizens can bear arms, as long as they do not get military-grade arms.
  7. People have the right to be taken captive with non-lethal force.
  8. People have the right to not pursue education.
  9. People are strongly recommended to vote at the age of 16 and older, however, people will not be prosecuted for not voting.
  10. The people will never go hungry, unless the government is failing.


The country of Senatus Populusque Imperium has an education system that is free to all who are willing to learn. Primary and secondary schooling is mandatory for students to ensure that every person has enough knowledge to make their own way in life. In those schools, specific curriculums are formed to best fit students in specific areas. For example, school would start at 9:00 AM and end at 1:00 PM.. For the high school age kids, another secession of schooling would begin from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM to better fit their hours of productivity. The citizens would not to pay for anything having to do with these schools. In college and university, there will a payment but it will not exceed $5,000 for a bachelor’s degree, $10,000 for a master’s degree, $20,000 for a PhD. People who don’t want an education are free to not peruse it after they complete high school, but they must finish that first and then can find a job or career of some kind.


The flags symbolizes the peaceful nature of our country. The baby blue represents softness and the black represents the toughness that our country can have when messed with. All the colors balance each other, which represents our goddess Lady Justice, and the red of the laurels represents our wish for victory, combined with laurels always having been a symbol of winning. The flag of  Senatus Populusque Imperium represents its people together as a nation and their/it’s values.


Lady Justice

Lady Justice has the ability to strongly influence the ability of mortal men to bring balance to the world. With her blessing, men are ten times more likely to succeed in their endeavors. She has also been known to subliminary give ideas to men for own agenda, and has balanced that out with the better nature of Victoria. Her balance ranges from at a world level to domestic disputes, and is amazing because she helps us maintain stability.


Victoria has the ability to make any side that she supports have an increased chance of winning. SHe wins nearly 100% of the time, but is balanced in her competitiveness by Lady Justice. She is the most emotional out of the two of them and is willing to do whatever it takes to win. She is extremely ruthless, and those characteristics influence the mortals she chooses to bless.

Story of Our Goddess

The origin of our goddesses, Victoria and Lady Justice, began around a thousand years ago. The goddess of victory and balance were born in the sacred city of Rome and grew up in peace with their brothers and sisters. When Lady Justice exercised her ability of putting balance in the world, things were great for the citizens. Eventually , the family broke apart and took control of separate parts of the world. Broken apart, Lady Justice could not aid the citizens, and things grew terrible. Athena took power and with her fanatical mentality of how the world had treated her, ruined the justice that Victoria had achieved. Lady Justice and Victoria regrouped and realized that only they had the power to fix the wrongdoings of the other gods. So our saviours came to Imperium from Rome to bring purity and real sense of empowerment to the area from a group of people barely a step above slaves. Then and even now, the people were forced by their government to be “intelligent” and be exactly the same on the inside as everyone else. Seeing how far down the path of evil Athena had taken their beloved people, Victoria and Lady Justice banded together to inspire a chosen few to do their bidding and rebel and try to bring balance to the government and especially the people themselves. Our ladies were met with opposition coming in the form of the Olympians led by Imperium’s shrew of a goddess Athena. Their battle rages on as we convince people why Senātus Populusque Imperium is for the citizens and them only. A corrupt government only prohibits the growth and strength of a united nation of unique people, and the rebellion wants to free everyone from the dangerous mentality of thinking that intelligence is the only way to live life and that Athena knows best.

National Anthem

In the beginning, there was peace in Rome

Til things broke apart, and things were on fire

Victoria and Lady Justice stepped through the flames

To fix things for their people, the only remains

Balance for our people!

Athena, a women crazy and warlike

Took control with her flawed ideas

She enslaved the people under intelligence

So Victoria and Lady Justice swore vengeance

Balance for our people!

Imperium was formed while the saviors regrouped

The citizens brainwashed, under her thumb

A chosen few broke through the mindset

Victoria saw her victory in them, her assets

Balance for our people!

Today we march and we fight

For those citizens who don’t know the danger their in

Victoria and Lady Justice will save us

Athena disposed of, with little fuss

Balance for our people!


Propaganda Posters

Ministry of Rehibilitation

Not everyone in Imperium was blessed with hearing the blessed words of our goddess Lady Justice and Victoria. Each one of our ladies came to our original leaders Paulie Montono and Lauren Montgomery. Vicotira told them of her gifts to them- victory eternal if they do her bidding and Lady Justices' gift of influencing the mortal men and women around them. They were told to go to the people around them slowly and convert as many as possible. Things went slowly at first, but have really sped up until today where Imperium is nearly half way divided between rebellion and staying on the side of Athena. The country and the people who don't know of Lady Justice and Victoria are in grave danger however, which is why, Senatus Populusque Imperium, has put posters out with ciphers to simple for the higher ups to figure out, the ignorant can find salvation. When they follow the cipher, they can listen in to a radio cast that details every torture method, and true meanings behind Athena's corrupt government. Majority of these citizens are taken to the rebel facilities and thoroughly screened. They are shown everything that the rebel group has found about Imperium and Athena herself, and made to sit through a lecture about the goddess. At this point no one is allowed to go back to being who they were, because they aren't the same people. They know more, are older, are much wiser and much less naaive about the world. The rebel group grows everyday under this message, and our growing ranks are filled with people who believe that living life is about more than intelligence. The rebellion is still looking for lecturers and teachers for our underground facilities and people who wish to learn at their own pace, with no standard for how they must learn.

Figure out this cipher to apply to be apart of our group.


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