Reading journal


Dear Ms Sara,

I am reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

It trate aout that Sirius Blak get out of jail, but he dont want to now Harry,

he want to kill Harry but harry thruw a spell (espeliargus)to kit the wand

to sirius to dont kill him.A question I have is why Sirius want to kill Harry

if Sirius was a friend of his parens?A conecion I have is when my 2 cousint

and me were playing that I was a kid that do magic like Harry I go to a lot

of place to do magic to get money I do that because I have a aunt that tell

me to do bad things to give her money, but somebody come that do magic

to and thruw a spell so after that moment my aunt dont tell me more that

go to  get money.