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M.A.D. - Mar's alien dude (female)

On earth my alien is 4 on Mars she is 2

On Earth my alien weighs 1 pound on Mars she weighs 0.3 pounds


Basic Facts

Mars is the 4th planet from the sun

Mars has 2 moons that are very small and oddly shaped

Yes, Mars is made of 95.3% carbon dioxide  and 2.7% nitrogen but it's still very cold at the poles (where M.A.D. lives)

Yes, it has seasons like earth but they are very different

Very cold on poles -225 degrees Fahrenheit

A Day in the Life

It takes Mars 687 earth days to orbit the sun

Mars travels at 53,979 miles per hour

On Mars the days are 24 hours 40 min. long length of year is 687 days long

Mars is half the diameter of earth  

Interesting facts

March (month) was named after Mars

No human could survive on Mars due to pressure

Only 1/3 of the spacecrafts sent to Mars have made it

During a Mars winter, almost 20% of the air freezes

The average temperature on Mars is -81 degrees fahrenheit

Description of Alien

My alien is a brownish color to help attract the sun. The antennas are to take in the heat that she gets from the sun. And the fur on the top of her head is to keep heat from escaping. she is wearing fuzzy boots and a furry dress to help keep her warm.   She is a primary consumer. She is also a herbivore. She eats sand that is on the surface of mars. And she has no natural predators.   


Google was my main source.

I just used that big box that pops up when you search it.

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3 years ago

I would have liked a more detailed description of your alien.

3 years ago

I like yours over all.

3 years ago

I liked your project, and you did a good description of your alien, and I liked everything. Nothing to criticize!