My summer vacation

#Kettner #tech1
Sierra-Rose F.
My summer was by far the greatest I have ever had! The beginning of my summer I spent most of my time with my dog. My dog is a Chocolate Lab- Pit bull mix.
I went to my friends houses a lot. Three of my bests friends, Misty, Hadynne, and Savannah, live in Liberty Lake. So we would hangout at the Pavilion Park together. We would also go to the beach, or go to bonfires. One time me and Hadynne went to an Indians game.My other best friend Josh, came to my house, like everyday and we watched movies. Sometimes Josh and I would go in my pool, or we would go on walks with our dogs.

On August 24th I left for Astoria, Oregon. We stayed right outside Astoria, for like three days, at an KOA camp (#KOA #KAMPING). It was the second time I have stayed at the KOA camp. When we went in to Seaside or Astoria, we went to most of the places where they created the movie "The Goonies" also i went to Cannon beach with my parents. After a couple days, we ended up staying at Toni’s house. At Toni’s house, was the first time I have EVER held a snake! Even though it was a baby Gardner snake I still feel pretty proud of my self.

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