My First Middle School Volleyball Game

Mya Maxwell

On the middle school volleyball team there are three coaches. One is my dad the second one is my sisters preschool teacher her name is Mrs. Fulbright and then the third coach is the new first grade teacher and her name is Ms. Hitchman. My dad is the A team coach but he helps everyone then Mrs. Fulbright is the B team coach which is my team and she helps everyone to, and then Ms. Hitchman is the C team and sometimes she helps the B team but not very much. So far we have had one game and it was in dodge city. It was a lot of fun we got to leave school early and then we had a long bus ride. C team got their own gym and then A and B were in the same gym.

This is a picture of me when we were playing Dodge City. When we played Dodge City and the last couple points is a moment I will never forget... The A and C team where there and when we scored the last point and shook hands A and C tackled us with excitement.

Then on the way home we where going to go to Wendy's but the there where way to many people so then we got to chose between Mc Donald's, Sonic, or Arby's my dad went to Arby's Ms. Hitchman went to sonic and then Mrs. Fulbright went to Mc Donald's. Me, Kennedy, Kaitlyn, and my dad all sat together.

Then on the way home I sat with Haven and then I moved so that Haven could sleep. And then after I moved Maddy laid on the floor and Jenna laid in the seat and I laid on the seat and I rubbed Maddy's feet and then Maddy fell asleep and then I fell asleep and then Jenna fell asleep.

Then we all woke up all at the same time and then Jenna laid on the floor and Maddy laid on the seat and then I laid on the floor too. I rubbed Jenna's feet and she rubbed my feet. We we're doing the thing this little piggy went to market. And the we were drawing on each other's feet to see if we could guess what we where writing. We did that the whole way home.

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