Map of Iowa

The facts you need to now about Iowa

Iowa is very has no deserts and has grass and has many hills too. There is a river called the Mississippi river. I doesn't have a lot of wet lands there because farmers want more land to farm.

Iowa wear's pant's and a T-shirt most of the times they do. Some thing people Iowa eat are potatoes, apples, just about everything you would eat. same kinds of things you eat.

Holliday Traditions table will be set with a turkey feast accompanied by all of the savory trimmings, followed by decadent pies and desserts. Some will then settle into couches to watch football, while others will attempt to work off those calories by actually playing the game.

Capital: Des Moines State Abbreviation: IA Governor: Terry E. Branstad (Republican) U.S. Senators: 2.The Iowa state legislature is made up of 50 senators and 100 representatives.Iowa’s caucus (where political parties decide which candidates they will support) is held at the beginning of the year, marking one of the first important steps for candidates running for president of the United States.

Iowa speaks many languages like.Spanish or Spanish CreoleGermanFrench. Serbo-Croatian6,Vietnamese,Chinese,Laotian,and English .

Iowa's religion's and beliefs are Catholic, Christian,Lutheran,Baptist. Methods,jewish,Islam are some more. There are Iowa's religion and beliefs.

Children in Iowa all have to go to school and learn it is the Governments rule. Other wise the can be home school or get in to a privet school's. So no kid can stay home the must go to school.

By:Morgan V.

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