Genetic Engineering

By Jamison Tyson

So what is genetic engineering?

Genetic engineering is the use of science to change certain characteristics in genes for a desired result.

Techniques and method

There are many type of techniques and methods used for Genetic engineering. These methods include:
-Recombinant DNA - Takes a certain gene and isolates it. From there it clones itself using vectors and these vectors, once there is enough, gets inserted into plasmids.
-Plasmids - A circular piece that contains the new genetic material.
-Vectors - Viruses that become the carrier and cloning virus for the new genetic material.
-Electro and chemical poration - Uses chemicals to make pores open in the selected cell to insert the specific gene needing to be replicated
-Biolistic Method - Taking silver particles that are coated with the genetic material are inserted into the cell.
-Microinjections - taking a fine needle and inject the gene into the host cell's nucleus.

Solving Crime and taking names

DNA Fingerprinting
- Also known as genetic fingerprinting or DNA profiling, is a way of identifying certain individuals by using their fingerprints, blood, hair, or other material left at a particular area.

Tools to help Identify genetic disease!

Genetic Markers
- A genetic markers is a alteration in your DNA that could identify a particular disease or disorder that could develop.

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