To Travel is to Live

Alisa Franchino Hr. 3

Come take a visit to Canada!

If you are the type of person interested in history along with fascinating nature surroundings Canada would be the place for you. Have you ever heard of First Nations, even this countries name has to do with the First Nations. The First Nations is basically just the first groups of people living there, Cree, Micmac, Abenakie, ect. The word Canada comes from a First Nations word the means village, Kanata.

Canada also has a wide variety of people, cultures, and is very accepting; its a very multicultural country. Since Canada is a very accepting country to different culture, they have refugees that have fled from their home country that is experiencing a war or any reason that is causing you to want to leave that country and have came to Canada.

The Canadian government is a Constitutional Monarchy, it is like a democracy but without a president and with royalty. Instead of having a president Canada has a prime minister, a prime minister is still elected by the people and still has a lot of the same duties of a president also. Canada has an elected legislature called a parliament.

Canada has many different industries producing goods and exporting them to many countries. In fact American is Canada's biggest trade partner.

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