What is it?

Comparing Versions

Minecraft Edu enables us to give our students a safe environment in which to build based on curriculum content.  If we lock down our server students will not be able to create outside of school. Minecraft Edu provides a tutorial for students and teachers.  The school can purchase a bundle and reassign accounts.  Student and teacher work can be archived and preserved to demonstrate the work students have completed. Teachers and students can co-create and play as peers, however teachers control the environment and what happens in the environment. Students who are used to using Minecraft may feel that their creativity is limited.

XBox Version has voice chat, an easy server setup, semi-auto crafting, a crafting list, a table menu, and tutorials.  A creative mode has been added to the Xbox version giving layers unlimited blocks.

The cons for this version is that the server runs off host Xbox 360, it can cause connection issues, the version is outdated, there are 1000x1000 block maps meaning the maps are smaller,  no server plugin, and no texture packs.  Also if you want to play online players need to get a gold membership which will run about  $60 per year. memorize how to craft items because it won’t tell you what you need.

PC Version  The Minecraft world is huge.  It is 30 million blocks across and multiplayer is free. The PC version has server plugins, thousands of texture packs, mods for single and multi-players as well as large servers.  The cons are that there is no friend listing and it is hard to make a personal server.  Players will  have to memorize how to craft items because it won’t tell them what they need.  Players will experience terrible lag if they don't have enough ram.

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