You're going to Fail

Be ok with FAILURE? Yea! Of course people.

What if we could all start talking about failure the same way we talk about success? This is not to say that you need to start everything you do assume you will fail. That is just insane. You should want to be the best at anything you do, to include your next business idea.


Try looking at your startup or next project and instead of JUST setting milestones based on your successes, set your milestones ALSO  based on failures. I know you think I have lost my mind but I haven't. I have been thinking a lot about this lately.


I still want you to set success milestones but I want you to also identify failures as milestone and how you reacted to it.

It is not your fault that you only learn from success, it is how we are programmed. I mean hell, it makes you feel good right? However, it is time to in the words of Jay-Z "change the game."

Be a catalyst for change...

Michael Jordan always talks of how he was cut from a basketball team in high school. News flash…being cut is what has made him the greatest basketball player in history. He experienced what failure felt like and never wanted to feel that again. More importantly he learned from it

We are going to fail. For most people its devastating. However, If you fail don't then you didn't try hard enough. The goal here is not to accept failure or assume that everything you do will end in failure but that you must learn how to learn from failure. You shouldn't start out thinking you are going to fail of course not. That is nuts, but starting out not recognizing that it is going to happen is even crazier. I see so many people afraid to take a risk with their business because they are more afraid of failing than they are excited about succeeding. Under that premise I then suggest them acknowledging their failure and then developing lessons from them.

Here is your mission…

Go out and create a Damn, I Failed Journal. Then follow these four steps.

1) Write down every time you fail (don’t be afraid its ok).

2) Reflect on how it happened and how it made you feel and learn from it.


4) Pivot and execute your new action plan towards success

How do you measure failure? I would love to know.

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3 years ago

Love this Jeremy! Failure in life is inevitable and scary, exceptionally in the startup world. But if you can channel it, it's the best thing that could happen to you as you say.

Sometimes, it's easy to measure failure by an action (e.g. I was cut from the team), but sometimes it makes sense to measure failure by a feeling. It's the feeling of 'I don't want to do this anymore' or 'This is something I'm not passionate about anymore' that can trigger it for me.

That feeling of 'I don't want to do this anymore' was present after years of working on my first startup, which was definitely a failure. We had opportunities to move forward with the company, but at the end of the day, we knew it was time to close the books. What I learned from that experience was 1- the types of people I was compatible with and wanted to work with, and 2- how to lay out clear goals for what I am trying to build or do. That experience helped me get to where I am now...working at a successful startup here at Tackk. :)

3 years ago

Awesome story!!!