Cheeeeeseā€¦ Shut Yo Mouth!

Kids don't need to smile in pictures

So stop telling the little fuckers to say "cheese". It wastes everybody's time and makes absolutely no sense.

I get it, you think kids are cute when they smile.  But guess what, kids are cute all the time. Happy, sad, confused, ugly crying faces, fat kids, starving third world kids. They're all fuckin cute. Just take the god damn picture and let me walk through.

Fuckin selfish parents wanting to snap memories of their "cheese" saying snot nosed little punks. You're gonna give the kid a personality disorder. How bout you just stop making the tiny elves feel like they have to smile every time a camera is on them and teach the puny gnomes to kick the shins of assholes who wait angrily for your stupid ass to take their picture. Teach them to stand up for what they believe in or they'll end up waiting for some parent to take a god damn picture of some kid and angrily write the experience on the fuckin interwebs when they grow up.

Ok, maybe not all kids are cute.

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