The Coffman huanted mansion

enter if you dare!!!!!!!!!

Do you still want to move here!!!

It it said that this mansion is the scariest one of them all. There are ghosts everywhere you look in the bedrooms in the kitchen, bathrooms and always in the living room.

NO one and I mean NO one goes near this mansion. On Halloween it sends its vampires and werewolf's out to terrorize the children and steal there candy and burn it. Now people live five miles away from the mansion and that's so that they cant hear the screams and they still are scared.

The glowing of that one window is from the witch and her evil doing, its said that shes trying to make her self young again. And ever night she goes and laughs throughout the night on her broomstick.

This is one of the werewolfs captured prowling the streets.
you see what they did to it.

See what did I tell you now its demonic and hot!!!!! And thats not all that happens, its added with cinnamon. See how evil it is. Whats is really weird is like sometimes the witch has like strings attached to her when she flies, or a light is flashing around her like shes a hologram or something so yah.

The werewolves aren't entirely real but we can atleast say we caught one. And well what do you say do you want to come here and visit it is soooooo scary!!!!!!!!!

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