Iowa has very fertile soil. Iowa has four main rivers. Like the Mississippi river. Iowa is filled with hills.It has a little bit of flat land, but mostly hills. Iowa has a quarter of the worlds good farm land. A lot of farmers live in Iowa because of the rich soil there. Their main crop is corn, Iowa produces a lot of corn each year.


They have this picture that is very famous. It is a picture of a farmer and his wife. I think it look like a nice painting. The man is holding a pitchfork with a barn behind them. They also have this race with bikes it is really long. They must have to train a lot I would be tired. 


A lot of people live in Iowa because of the farming and the soil. If you go to a soccer field in Iowa you might wonder how long it took to make the fields so green. I have been there once for my brother it was fun and windy.


The first Native Americans lived there 11,000 years ago. The tribes moved around a lot. They hunted and fished in the four main rivers. They grew crops like corn and beans. Corn was very important back then the prices went up during World War I. Then in the depression years it went down.

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