Personal Narrative #4

Maddie Williams, D Block

For my personal narrative, I thought about different plays that I've read/seen lately, and what theatre methods I would use in directing them. Here are a few of my ideas, and what activities I might use in directing.

In directing Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? by Edward Albee, I would use Ivanna Chubbuck's techniques in making the actors feel like they were drunk, in order to have them stimulate those feelings onstage. I would also use her activities in sense memory to have the actors create the intense feelings that the four characters feel for each other, so the emotion would appear real to the audience.

If I were directing West Side Story, I would use elements from Rudolf Von Laban's techniques. I love the idea of movement choirs, and using those for the Jets and Sharks would make an amazing visual piece. Laban's ideas about the human body and how it moved would be incredible to use in West Side Story, because the dancing is so ballet-like and intense, and have greater knowledge of how to move would improve the choreography of the piece.

I think that Hush: an Interview with America would be an amazing play to use Bertold Brecht's ideas in. Epic theatre would be perfect because Hush doesn't want the audience to be sucked into false reality. Using placards with the scene titles (like how Czarina and Anna would enter as the lions and say the titles during East's performance) would remind the audience to suspend their belief, and think about the actions without empathising with the characters or believing in the world of the play.