Connecting Curiosities

Hybridization of science and literacy

Our Perspectives on Why the Work of our Partnership Matters.

--Because science is school is political. STEM is valued by politicians and policy makers, and this act works to compartmentalize it, disconnecting science from both acts associated with other disciplines (writing) and the informal process in which the most meaningful science happens.  Our partnership can work to revision this fracturing.

--We can take a critical lense on the institutions of scence educaion and the histories of these institutions.  To find its value and put this up against what kids and people are doing with informal science in their informal lives.

--Literacy and science are shared community enedvors. You can't do science, you can't do writing without other people.  The social aspect of science/writing makes it what it is.

--Literacy is important for science, but science is important for literacy.  Science writing supports the types of writing that are traditionally supported in the writing classroom.

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