1. The evolution of communist theory + practice


he is the father of communist he believed in this theory that the people sho

  1. not have a word and that was not allowed to vote or anything in practicylar and this sucks because i cant finish this and im a get a f this also sucks because im a get bad grade for the consiler and she is not goingt o put me in ap honers and im a ber sad cuz all i want to do is go to collage and i hate being a procrasinter becuause it suck u know what im just going to go and run every day to the parck dont care who goes with me ok i have to stop waithing for people to do it with me cuz hen i wont get anywere im done depending on people rest of the moments are the what the f ik a talking about i hate being a regular student i want to beat the recore og gpa in my school plz thata all i beg of u god plz that all i want plz to go to collage and have a carre that i love and never get tyer of plz that all i want

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