My Interests

Some activities and hobbies of mine!

This is my first Tackk and I thought I would give you an idea of some of my interests!

The number one hobby I would like to tell you about is birdwatching. I have been hooked on birdwatching since my last Ornithology class in college at the University of South Alabama. If you click on the pictures above, you can see a few of the most interesting birds their are in the world!


I have always been drawn to technology. I think the first game that I played on the computer was "The Magic School Bus Solar System". It was one of the most interesting and fun games I had ever played. Now, technology means so much more. Look above at the newest form of technology as Apple dives into the wearable technology category.

My Family

I definitely have the most beautiful and awesome wife there is in this world! She really keeps me going and I love her so much for that. Although we don't have any kids, We have three dogs, Aubie (the shih-tzu), Cotton (the toy poodle), and Murphy (the puppy of Aubie and Cotton).

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