Water Pollution in India is so bad when people drink it makes them sick. India water pollution is a very bad environmental issue. They use water for bathing, play in, cooking, eating, and etc. The largest  source of water pollution in India is untreated sewage. There are 154 lakes and 78 ponds in India and they are all polluted. Most rivers ,lakes ,and other water sources observe dumping ground. There is so much trash in the water, you can barely see the water. Most sewage water companies remain close and untreated. Quarter of the 445 Rivers can't even be used for bathing because there's so much trash in the water. People Pollute the Ganges River by bathing in it. That is why India is polluted.

AIR     POLLUTION           IN             CHINA

The air is so bad in China that you can see the pollution in the air. Smog is a mixture of smoke and fog. The factories the smog. Thousands of people die each day.That is why China has air pollution.

By: Tyler Hayes and Logan!

Water pollution in India