I Dream a World

I Dream a World by Langston Hughes I dream a world where man No other man will scorn, Where love will bless the earth And peace its paths adorn I dream a world where all Will know sweet freedom's way, Where greed no longer saps the soul Nor avarice blights our day. A world I dream where black or white, Whatever race you be, Will share the bounties of the earth And every man is free, Where wretchedness will hang its head And joy, like a pearl, Attends the needs of all mankind- Of such I dream, my world!

I dream a world poem can

I believe that Langston Hughes would agree with what Martin Luther is saying in his speech due to the poem that he wrote.

This picture shows what Langston Hughes is talking about he wants us all to come together in harmony with the racism, segregation, or hatred against one another . He knows if we work together better. we can be stronger united. He knows we can accomplish more together

This song is upbeat and happy which will make everyone else happy too. Wich might make other people like eachother

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