The MOON!!!!!!!!

Allyssa Schlichting
4th hour

The moon is our best friend in the night sky. The moon is our light in the night. The moon is there for a reason it is there for us to use, us to look at and be amazed by it. The moon is a majestic thing that appears in the night sky.

The moon has phases here are it's phases. It starts out in a New moon, then transitions into a waxing cresent, then it goes to a first quarter,then it turns into an waxing gibbous, it transitions into a full moon, then goes into a waning gibbous, then shifts into a last quarter, & then to waning cresant.

Earths tides are caused by moons gravity pulling earths water towards it so we have tidal budgets, there are two different types of tides: there is the spring tide, and the neap tide. Spring tides are

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