Tuscorara Tribe

Mckenize Pittman and William Molnar

Tuscarora was a tribe that lived in North Carolina,New York,and Canada and there clothing was like a priests kind of clothing. So when this came up I was thinking that maybe they where priests because of there clothing.1711 is when the war started 1713 is when  the war ended.

In war they ride on horses and sometime's go to the mountains with the horses and they go to the top of the mountain and they just try to shoot.The cowboys so then they shoot some of them and some of the Indians some of the cowboys die. From the shooting and then they didn't win the war because all there soldiers died or all there soldiers went to the commander and they  say that they want to surrender the war.                                        

Did you know: Tuscarora he was the leader of the group.In the 1711 year ago.

Did you know:That the Tuscarora tribes garden houses were bigger than there other real houses.

The governer of the tuscarora tribe was a man named Tom Blout and Chief Handcock these were the goveners of the Tuscarora Tribe.Also the Tuscarora Tribe there was a girl that was named tuscarora and she was a girl that her mom was named carvin and the dad was named powhatan.

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