Video or Life Gamers?

Every year the subject is the same: do video games influence someone to become more violent? Psychologists present their theories, many of them even offended by this type of opinion. They disprove the idea that someone who plays GTA can be going out trampling everyone out there.

The fact is that the results of studies, so far, have never been able to prove the direct influence of video games on young people and how they may end up triggering violent behavior.

A stream of psychologists see a direct relationship of video games with violence. One study, conducted by Brock University in Ontario, Canada , indicated that high school students who were playing violent games for longer periods of time have a bigger tendency to engage in " problematic events " such as fights in the school environment, for example.

Others psychologists, more careful, believe that the negative influence even exists, but it is not coming only from games but from the media in general. Thus, movies and television series, for instance, also are able to make the people more violent.

Another happening is that some statistics from the U.S. government show that the number of young offenders fell over 50 % between 1994 and 2010 - the period which the sales of video games have exploded and more than that, they have doubled.

In addition, Michael R. Ward, economist at the University of Texas, published a study which he and his team show that the highest numbers of sales of violent games are related to a significant reduction of the occurrence of crimes during the same period. One reason would be the fact that instead of being "playing" on the streets, teenagers would be at home playing video games.

However, there is no a direct link between an incident and another. It is not possible to say with certainty that it really makes sense. The truth is that this discussion will last for many years.