College and Career
7th period English 1
Sergio Melendez
The University of El Paso Texas
Civil Engineering

In 1914 utep opened its doors for the first time. Over the past century, the University’s enrollment has grown from 27 students to more than 23,000 undergraduate and graduate students, and that number continues to increase each year. Utep is one of the best colleges for engineering.Utep is dedicated to becoming the first national research university serving a 21st century student demographic. I would like to graduate with at least a masters in this field of study.

     The reason i selected this school is because i want to  graduate from a school with a good college degree, that is why i picked Utep because they are good at engineering.Washington Monthly magazine’s 2014 ranking of Utep as one of the top 10 universities in the nation, grouped with Stanford, Harvard, and   UC Berkeley. Utep has been ranked #1 three years in a row.

for the dead  lines

admission requirements


Minerpalooza is the largest pep rally at Utep and consistently voted “Best Annual Event” by El Paso Magazine. Admission is free and open to the public. This is basically the party before homecoming.

    The career path that i selected is engineering  because i think building and figuring things out is fun. My curiosity brought me to my career path because I wanted to find out what it was the big deal about engineering, I gave it a try and I found out this is what I wanted to do.

    I want to be a civil engineer because its a really good program and hopefully I will graduate with at least a masters from this field of study. utep has been known to have a good engineering program.


Civil engineers earned a median salary of $80,770 in 2013, according to the BLS. The highest-paid 10 percent in the profession made $126,190, while the lowest-paid earned $51,810 in 2013. The most highly compensated positions are within the industries of oil and gas extraction, and the highest-paid positions are located in Midland, Texas; Hinesville, Georgia; and Houston.

Starting salaries for civil engineers are according to their level of education. For example, people with a bachelor’s degrees receive an about $52,000 a year, people with a master’s degrees or PhDs receive higher starting offers.The median annual income for all civil engineers is around $79,000 with most earning somewhere between $51,000 and $122,000 a year. however some experienced engineers with management responsibilities make more than $122,000 a year,salary increases with experience.

information on career

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Letter of intent

Sergio Melendez

El Paso, Texas, 79938


Intellectual Concepts, LLC

Fort Bliss, TX, United States

To whom it may concern

I am responding to the employment opportunity listed on your website. Please accept this letter and accompanying resume as evidence of my interest in applying for this job. I feel my that my great team work and good proficient in MS power point, Excel and internet would prove to be an asset for your organization. I am looking for an honored job that will add experience to my career. Here are some of my key strengths that I would bring to this position; I am disciplined and very willing and eager to learn new things. I am confident that these qualities make an excellent confident for this position.

I would appreciate your consideration of my credentials. And I welcome the chance to meet with you to hear more about your company, the requirements of the position, and how my skills would be a good fit.

Thank you in advance for your consideration


Sergio Melendez


Sergio Melendez


Career Objectives

i want to become a civil engineer

Education History

Jan. 2014 - June 2015

El Dorado 9th grade Acadamy
El Paso, Texas

Volunteer Experience

Mar. 2014 - May 2014

El Paso, Texas

Awards & Certificates

» robotics (May 2015)

Extracurricular Activities

Jan. 2014 - June 2015

Science & Computers

Jan. 2012 - June 2014

Clubs & Organizations
Student Council

Hobbies & Interests

» 3-D Animation - i have done this for about 4 years
» Web Site Programming - i have been programing for 3 years
» Football - i have been playing for 7 years
» Golf - i am going to enroll in golf because i have done this sport for many years

Skills & Abilities

» Java - i have been learning java
» WordPerfect Office
» Spanish

Additional Information

i will be taking a class in summer and its going to teach us about programing and construction i am capable of working independently or as part of a team.

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